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Financial Services

The process of financial planning documents an individual's long-term goals and creates a strategy for accomplishing them. These plans are highly individualized to reflect the client’s personal and family situation, risk tolerance, and future expectations. The financial planning process begins by determining the client’s current net worth and cash flow and goals.

Debit Cards & Check writing, Online Account Viewing Access
Charitable Giving Plan - Asset Management for CRTs, CRATs, CRUTs
Defined Benefit Plans for Small Businesses
Tax-Efficient Investing
Custom Asset Allocation Strategies

Household Financial Management
Risk Management Strategies for Consolidated Stock Positions
Stock Option Exit Plans
401(k), 403(b), Rollover Consulting & Retirement Investing
Environmentally Sensitive Investing (ESG)

Investment Offerings

Stocks, Corporate Bonds, & Government Securities
Bank Deposits, CD’s, Treasuries, Money Markets
Tax-Free Municipal Bonds
Mutual Funds
ETF’s & Closed End Funds

Variable & Fixed Index Annuities
Structured Notes
Hedge Funds
Managed Futures

Account Types

Trust, Corporate, Joint, Individual Accounts
529 plans
Foundations & Endowments
Charitable Remainder Trust
Uniform Transfer to Minors Accounts (UTMA)
Uniform Gift to Minors Accounts (UGMA)
Brokerage & Advisory Accounts

Solo 401(K) & Company 401(K)
Roth & Traditional IRA’s
IRA Rollover Accounts
Defined Benefits Plans for Small Businesses
SEP Retirement Accounts
Simple IRA’s
Profit Sharing Plans
Deferred Compensation Plans

Risk Management

Life Insurance (whole, variable, and term)
Wealth Protection
Long-Term Care Insurance

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